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Jual |Total Station Geo Fennel TheoDist FTD-02

Ditambahkan pada : May 27th, 2016
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Kategori : Surveying Instument
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Total Station Geo Fennel TheoDist FTD-02

Description :

Total Station Geo Fennel TheoDist FTD 02 Reflectorless Total stations

The geo-FENNEL TheoDist® is designed to be user- friendly and quick to set up on any construction site. Easy to handle, robust, exact and reliable.

The main features of the geo-FENNEL TheoDist® are:

  • Measuring programs that provide efficient and easy solution for setting out
  • Three-dimensional measurement of coordinates
  • Menu driven software with intuitive structure to maximise productivity
  • A visible laser pointer to improve targeting accuracy and allowing measurements to be taken without looking through the telescope
  • Data can be uploaded and downloaded to a PC via the RS-232 connection or SD-Card (FTD 02)
  • Measuring range of up to 300m (FTD 05: 200m) without reflector
  • Quick and easy set-up with the integrated laser plummet

The geo-FENNEL TheoDist® Series is equipped with a variety of programs from simple distance and angle measurement up to precise three-dimensional setting out.

  • Missing Line
  • Offset
  • Remote elevation measurement
  • Resection
  • Integrated application programs for setting out office generated designs.
  • Area

The communication software supplied with the geo-FENNEL TheoDist® allows the user to save the data in various formats. The data files can be converted into DXF format making them suitable to be uploaded into CAD Software such
as AutoCAD®.

Features :

  • Coordinate measuring
  • Setting out points
  • Resection
  • Missing line measurement
  • Offset point
  • Remote elevation measurement
  • Area calculation
  • Angle repetition
  • Set out line
  • Set out curve
  • Set out road

Technical data

Image Erect
Objective aperture 45 mm
Magnification 30 x
Field of view 1° 30′
Resolving power 4”
Shortest focus distance 1.5 m
Distance measurement
Reflectorless 300 m
Reflective tape target 600 m
Single standard Prism 5,000 m
Accuracy 2 mm + 2 ppm
Offset variable
Measuring time
Fine / Rapid / Tracking 1,8 s / 0,9 s / 0,3 s
Minimum reading 1 mm
Distance units m / ft
Angle measurement
Minimum reading resolution 1” / 5” / 10”
Angle accuracy 2”
Angle units 100 % / 360° / 400 gon
Type electronic
Range ± 3°
Laser pointer
Laser classification 3R
Laser plummet
Accuracy ± 1 mm / 1.5 m
Laser classification 2
Dual LCD 8 Lines, 18 Characters
Rechargeable battery type 7.2 V DC NiMH
Operating time 5 h
Charger 100 / 240 V
Vial sensitivity
Plate level vial 30” / 2 mm
Circular vial 8′ / 2 mm
General specs
Internal memory 50.000 Points
External memory SD-Card
Weight 6.5 kg
Opterating temperature -20 °C – +50 °C
IP-Class IP X4
I/O-Port RS-232
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