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Jual Digital Planimeter Tamaya Planix 10S

Ditambahkan pada : May 30th, 2016
Rp 20.950.000
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Dilihat : 300 kali
Kategori : Survey Tools
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Digital Planimeter Tamaya Planix 10S

Description :

The Tamaya Planix 10S Digital Planimeter is a unique planimeter that provides precise measurements of areas and distances on maps, blueprints, photographs, and drawings.  Use it to trace curves, chart points, or calculate the averages on blueprints.  Its measurements are spot-on with an accuracy rate of better than +/-0.1 percent.  This compact instrument is ideal for architects, builders, surveyors, contractors, highway and construction professionals, and anyone that needs an accurate analysis of distances and areas from maps.

This area and line meter is specifically designed to measure distances and areas on maps, blueprints, drawings, and other images.  Use it to trace curved objects, chart points, measure lines, sides of objects, and areas of spaces.  Determine the area of rooms and structures on blueprints or the distance between points on a map.  It accumulates totals or calculates averages as you measure.  This comes in handy for measuring large-scale areas.


  • Digital planimeter
  • Measures area and distance on maps
  • Accuracy rate better than 0.1 percent
  • Measuring range of 11.8 inches X 32.8 feet (300mm X 10m)
  • Calculates areas, lines, and side lengths
  • U.S. and metric measurements
  • User preferences – units
  • 16-digit LCD display on 2 lines
  • Average function
  • Up to 20 hours cordless operation on 15 hour charge
  • AC adaptor,
  • 1 year limited warranty
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